Escort in Brisbane – Phone: 0467-338-077 – Jessie James

  • years: 38
  • Area/District/ Neighbourhood: Brisbane, QLD
  • Post code: 4000

Hi, I’m Jessie I’m a gentlemens perfect companion, I possess & maintain class, femininity & sophistication.

Let me tell you why I’m in this industry. Simply: I love what I do!

I’m passionate & compassionate, I love to listen & never stop learning.

I appreciate & love spending time with men.

I have a unique ability to make people comfortable immediately.

I love life, I’m positive 24/7/365

I’m self aware, I realise you only get one life!

I don’t waste time, I understand time is precious to you too.

I’m reliable, I don’t judge, I don’t get weighed down by negativity.

I’m not making a list of what I do and don’t, do as I feel it looks cheap.

Feel free to ask me anything, . Ive seen it all, heard it, I EVEN MAKE the T SHIRTS .

I love this industry because it s where i am most honest, Communication is how we grow, for me it s especial,

When you make a booking with me, I’m your Girl!

My photos are of me, I’m 100% genuine & honest.

I m self aware, logical, and I am grateful to have a Life.

I see life as a smorgasbord of stuff i want to do in my life,

I rarely complain. What is there to complain about?

YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO WIN LOTTO 10 times in your life, then actually having a life!

Born already a winner, we all are born WINNERS

Its all about how you look at life

Thank you for your attention, I look

forward to meeting you

Dont hesitate to call me for any additional information