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  • years: 26
  • Area/District/ Neighbourhood: Brisbane, QLD
  • Post code: 4000

Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever had a naughty dream? Have you always wanted to try something new but never had the courage or opportunity to enjoy that experience?

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to introduce you to the answer to all of your dreams, desires and ultimate fantasies, Kiara Edwards.

TEXT ONLY – 0477 427 470


The beautiful Kiara has been described to have the looks of an angel. Her dark brown hair frames a naturally youthful face, her kissable naturally-pouted lips, her sparkling blue eyes that can make any man weak at the knees with just one glance, her petite nose and cheeky smile make this one of a kind angel truly unforgettable. She stands a petite height of 164cm or 5 5 with luscious, soft skin. This slim beauty cannot be faulted on her gorgeous figure with a fit, perky bum and generously supplied natural perky breasts this woman does not need surgery with her natural sought after hourglass figure. Kiara has spent many years seeking advice and knowledge learning how to be presentable learning about makeup, hair and fashion. She has learnt how to make her most prominent features stand out when getting ready for your intimate time together whether that be a formal occasion, business occasion of casual. Kiara is a woman who stands out in the room by her natural beauty.

But do not let Kiara win you over with her looks; her service is one of a kind. The goddess Kiara prides herself not only on her appearance but also on making sure you get the ultimate experience. Kiara takes you above the clouds to a world completely separate to the world. Within her presence you will soon relax and feel as light as floating on a cloud. Kiara is a very positively emotional woman, appreciating and always desiring a true gentleman or lady and in return will treat you with the upmost respect and as a true lover. She is a naturally caring and compassionate person with her personality shining throughout every booking. The true girlfriend experience with no negative traits or attitudes. Kiara understands the needs of both men and women making bookings with her fly by quickly and have you requesting longer or a booking soon after.


Kiara enjoys meeting knew people and greeting previous clients as old friends or lovers. Whilst Kiara offers a basic experience list with prices along with several packages she highly encourages you to contact her personally so that she can tailor each and every package to the individual or couple. Kiara appreciates people who approach her with a clear indication of a date, time, length of time and experience they wish to pursue with her. She appreciates well written text messages and emails and will not accept phone calls until a conversation has been had via writing first. Kiara appreciates bookings in advance so she has preparation time to give you the ultimate experience but understands sometimes we aren t always given these luxuries and will accept some short notice bookings when able. Kiara attempts to reply to all text messages and emails as soon as possible but sometimes is unable to reply immediately and that s your for understanding that she will reply as soon as possible.

TEXT ONLY – 0477 427 470


GFE: The girlfriend experience is more intimate for a man who would like some affection

30 Minutes – $250

1 Hour – $450

1.5 Hours – $650

2 Hours – $850 *each hour after $400


GFE: The girlfriend experience is more intimate for a man who would like some affection

1 Hour – $500

1.5 Hours – $700

2 Hours – $900 *each hour after $400

TEXT ONLY – 0477 427 470


Why not spoil yourself? Imagine sitting down for lunch or dinner with me as your company, us laughing together and me hanging off every word you have to say. Let us head back to the hotel together, me on your arm. Let me entice you as a delicious dessert. Let me be the ultimate dining companion.


Have you ever wanted to just come in to a home cooked meal after a long hard day. Put your feet up in my luxury incall apartment while I tend to your needs. Let me fetch you a drink while you watch a movie or tell me about your day. Let me serve you and cook you a nice home cooked meal and enjoy me for dessert.


What would happen in your ideal night away? Let me pamper you on a night away. Let me please you. We can do what ever you desire whether that be a dinner followed by nights at the bar or a night out on the town or simply a night locked away in a hotel with takeout. The choice is yours. Lets spend a night indulging in each other. *Please note each additional 24 hours is $2000 and 7 hours of sleep is required in each 24 hours.

TEXT ONLY – 0477 427 470


Kiara has spent many years within the adult industry. She has learnt many arts including:

– MOVMENT: Kiara has learnt to move her body with passion. Every stride, every transition, every grind is done with ease and elegance. Kiara started out working as a dancer travelling Australia. Her constant desire to be the best gave her the motivation to practise the art of dance daily learning to move her body in a way to capture a mans attention. Kiara can dance seductively drawing you in and setting the mood. Her body has taken years of education to get to this high level of knowledge about seduction through movement.

– VERESITILITY: Kiara has worked in a range of environments over the years. She has learnt how to act in most situations and how to be presentable. Kiara understands people come from all walks of life and is accepting of most peoples past, presents and situations.

– EDUCATION: Kiara s favourite activity is reading. She enjoys learning and discovering. Kiara is educated in a range of different topics priding herself in being able to communicate easily in a range of different topics so that you never run out of things to talk about.

– FANTISIES: Kiara loves acting and performing. She has knowledge and experience of many different kinds of role-play and fetishes. Kiara enjoys exploring limits, dressing up and making all of your wildest fantasies come true


Kiara has many things she enjoys. So you can decide if she is a good match for you she has included some of those things and activities below.

– FOOD: Seriously though, who doesn t enjoy food? Kiara loves sitting at a fine dining restaurant enjoying well prepared food and discovering new dishes and favourites. Kiara also knows that whilst fine dining can be an amazing, unforgettable experience you can share together that sometimes the less well known, family restaurants and even food trucks can have some absolutely awesome food and is always open to suggestions.

– ALCOHOL: Whilst Kiara isn t a big drinker she enjoys and appreciates a nice glass of wine or cocktail. Kiara can assure you she knows her limits and whilst enjoying a drink she knows when to stop so you can have the best possible experience.

– GAMES: Kiara enjoys playing board games including but not limiting chess, checkers, battleship and card games. She also enjoys gaming arcades and pool. Kiara please asks you do not attempt to play games without first telling her.

– READING: Kiara absolutely loves escaping in a book. Her ideal day includes sitting outside reading. Her favourite category in thriller but she reads a range of different books both fiction and non-fiction. One of Kiara s favourite things is to receive books that others enjoy for her to read when she can.

– MAKING LOVE: Kiara enjoys sharing your most intimate experiences with you. She enjoys creating lasting memories together.


Whilst Kiara is happy to oblige and open to most requests some she CANNOT or WILL NOT do including:

– Unprotected services including sex and oral

– Incest fantasies

– Paedophile fantasies