Escort in Darwin – Phone: 0435-425-497 – Real life angel decadent sin Intimate GFE 3 days only

  • years: 26
  • Area/District/ Neighbourhood: Darwin, NT
  • Post code: 0800


300/30 mins

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Girl next door of your dreams

Imagine the door opens and my lean, supple body stands before you, red dress clinging alluringly to each exquisite curve. My angelic face breaks into a smile that is at once both reassuring and intoxicating. You feel instantly at ease.

With a fresh white towel wrapped around your lower half you return to me from the shower. I stand beckoning you towards me with my radiant blue eyes. Our lips meet first. You feel mine, soft and supple, give over to you with the passion of the ocean lapping at sand. My velvet tongue slips delicately into your mouth and you feel it stroking your own tongue in a dance of lust.

My hands trail down the sides of your torso and I press myself against the hardening of your crotch. You deftly slip my dress to the floor revealing pert breasts and swathes of alabaster skin. My mouth moves downwards over your neck, chest, stomach. I kneel, my tongue lapping rhythmically over your inner thighs and balls. I tease your rigid shaft skillfully just long enough before taking you deep into my mouth. You start to rock your hips slowly as the very back of my throat accommodates every inch of you. And this is just the beginning


300/30 mins

200/15 mins

More about me

With a radiant smile, sparky personality and quick wit, I am a funny girl next door with an expansive sexual appetite.

I thrive on touch, intimacy and leisure. Creating chemistry between us is an art form and a genuine passion of mine.

I am gifted with an ability to put you at ease. I want to forge a connection with you that makes you feel comfortable enough to plunge deep into pleasure. Intuitive by nature, I m good at picking up exactly what works for you. If there s something specific you d like to do together please don t hesitate to ask.