Escort in Melbourne – Phone: 0403-649-211 – Mistress Lila Payne

  • years: 26
  • Area/District/ Neighbourhood: Melbourne, VIC
  • Post code: 3000

Come and lay yourself at My feet. Let go of who you think you are, surrender to My will, and enter an alternate world. My World.

I am that haunting Woman that gets your blood pumping while you lie awake at night craving to submit…longing to be taken.

Come to me. Offer yourself up. Be consumed and controlled. Let Me be the one you subjugate yourself to.

I am utterly unique. An authentic Alpha Female, ABDL Mummy, cross-dressing specialist and erotic Femme Domme. I am a connoisseur of all avenues of D/s, Fetish and BDSM. I revel in power, perversion, depravity and the taboo.

Free yourself from the rituals of your daily life and submit to the rituals of power and dominance that are My realm.

You will be safe within My universe, I will guide you with a strict, skilled and loving hand. Release your imagination and lay yourself bare.

I will open you up, hurt you and push you further than you have ever been. I will tease you, torture you, and nurture, reward and own you. I want to offer your life purpose.

I look forward to having you beneath Me…