Escort in Melbourne – Phone: 0409766616 – EXY MECHANIC WANTS TO CHECK YOUR BODY AND FIX IT

  • years: 21

Hi guys, I am a 21-year-old sexy Aussie car mechanic from the country. I completely adore sexy men and sexy cars as their bodies are built to touch. They have been my weakness and temptation for quite some time.

I can talk about cars for days and I have collected quite a few cars. What car do you own? I would love to come over and check out both you and your car. I would love to move my hands over your sexy body and see how firm it is? Oops, I meant the body of your car. Naughty me !!! But I am naughty very naughty.

I would love to sit on you and drive you as I always like to be in control. You very much know what I am talking about, don’t you? Is your pipe compatible with my engine? Do you think when they will meet, they can make loud sounds? I am quite eager on that.

About me, I have nice boobs and perky nipples and amazing body. I am classy and sophisticated. I have a very friendly and bubbly personality. Clients who have met me before are of the opinion that personality wise I am a mini cooper.

To make a booking, text me on 0409 766 616. Xxx