Escort in Melbourne – Phone: 0451-824-187 – A genuine darling with a generous serving of deviance

  • years: 27
  • Area/District/ Neighbourhood: Melbourne, VIC
  • Post code: 3000

Hi there, I’m Dylan. Thanks for taking the time to learn about me! I look forward to knowing you in return.

The Lover:

I am a 27-year-old sultry sweetheart; with a charming nature, killer curves, sexual confidence and an impulse for bringing lusty desires to fruition.

An excitable maven for pleasure in all its delicious forms, I get rush from exploring and facilitating other people’s sexual and emotional contentment. Intimacy is something I thrive in. From enjoying the feel of a lover’s response to my mouth on their skin, to an explosive and unbridled meeting of flesh, to depravity, to depth, to connection and vulnerability.

The intimacy:

I am a woman who truly delights in making others feel adored. With that, I am here to offer a girlfriend experience that FEELS like the true expression of a romantic connection in its beginnings. The excitement, the intrigue, the constant and unquenchable lust; the desire to have the other person stripped of inhibitions, begging you to completely devour them..

I want to tease you. I want you to drink from me. I want to feel every inch of You touch every inch of me Me. I want to lie in a sweaty, elated heap with my makeup smeared, my hair tangled and you catching your breath next to me. I very much want to sink deep in my pleasure, guiding you to take me there. I want to converse with you, laugh with you, hear your ideas about the world and share stories of humanness.

Do you desire these things too?

Meet me in the flesh: who knows what fireworks will happen..

Dylan xx

PS: I LOVE all bodies, genders, brains, ethnicities and ages over 18.