Escort in Melbourne – Phone: 0481-168-705 – Fun fit flirty WILD

  • years: 25
  • Area/District/ Neighbourhood: Melbourne, VIC
  • Post code: 3000

I can t be sure of what you r doing right now apart from so far, taking an interest to my selfie pictures… Yes it s really me and my photos don t do me any justice…

If your curious about how we might get along, I can assure you, you will feel as though you have known me before. I am (fortunately?) a bad liar and actor, so our time together will be more like a flirty tinder date with mind blowing sex and lame jokes rather than an orchestrated meeting.

I am naturally a very sexually passionate and sensual person who loves to flirt and be playful. I am warm, smiley and often giggly, which helps me get away with the many cheeky naughty comments I make 😉

You might be looking for someone that you have interests in common with. If that is the case I should let you know that my I am a wine lover, a foodie and love the surroundings of a fun yet peaceful environment. Oh, I also interest in volunteer for a homeless shelter, play acoustic guitar and have an addiction to perfume, sex and chocolate so perhaps instead of a typical dinner date we could order room service and play games for an hour or two before getting stuck into a different type of play..


Youve come this far so let s make it happen!

I promise I don t bite.. hard…

Hugs & Kisses,

Toni xxoo